Jun 202019
naked an my balcony

naked an my balcony

I spent a week on the beautiful island of Skiathos.

There are many nudist-beaches there. I went naked on the quad and spent a whole day without a bikini on a boat.

The complete travel report about my naked holidays can be found at www.nudechrissy.com


Mar 282019

You will get my cold champagne and I will get Your hot cream…

Mar 282019

When I am travelling, I always take selfies for my fans. This time I was on the beach of Fuerteventura. I take care that also my pussy is to see in the videos then…

Jan 242019

I hope that the winter-time will be finished very soon. I need better temperatures to wear my sexy clothes. Next time I will buy a shirt where my big boobs will fit into…. I promise that !

Dec 082018

nikolaus2018_1I have all my christmas-presents together. The christmas-tree is ready and I am waiting for the snow. I love to jump around in the cold snow with my hot naked pussy…

Sep 092018

They told me, the nudist-beach would be behind the trees. I just put my clothes off, but I canot find it….DSC_0866p

Aug 142018

I am working in my garden : Repairing the whirlpool, cutting the green, filling air air in my bike….

Aug 142018

I am on the beach at the moment. This is my favourite place in summer-times.!


Jun 032018

P1030103p1During my stay in Mallorca I did some professionell porn-movies for some labels. I was asked by a producer to earn some money for my holiday-budget. It was hard-work for my pussy but I had much fun.P1030112pP1030103p

May 012018


Every year the pool in my nudist garden needs cleaning.

I put on my overalls and let my nipples enjoy the sun.

I’m looking for another strong guy to help me out and kiss my pussy during breaks. Please visit me at http://www.nudechrissy.net



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